Lifestyle Financial Planning

We are a family business and fully understand the importance of enhancing the lives of you and your family.

The core of what we do is concentrating on what you want to achieve in life, therefore at all times the focus is entirely on you. Obviously money plays an important part on this concentration, but money is merely the FUEL to ensure that your own aspirations are fulfilled in full and on time. Therefore as such we have a very personal relationship with our clients which cannot be achieved from a mass marketing approach. Our service is very bespoke and very specific to our clients.

Many of our clients enjoy a good life on the surface but do not really understand how the finances work in the
background in order to sustain that good life. Therefore always in the background is the doubt as to whether or not the right thing is being done in order to sustain the lifestyle required both now and into the future. We find that most people want to get on with their lives rather than have concerns about something that they have little knowledge or interest in. Most people want to delegate this type of thing to someone who has the knowledge and to someone who they can trust and work with in order to fulfil their aspirations.

Bamford Wealth Management is a business providing a service focused on the client with the aim of making a
positive difference to lives. We do all the complicated “stuff” in the background which gives you the time to get on with your life with confidence. If we can make that positive difference to help you achieve what you want out of life that inspires us to do what we do.

For over 200 years the Financial services advice market has been driven to create products to be sold to the public to create commissions and profits. Many of the products created do fulfil a function of financial planning but this is not our sole function, we are not wholly a distributor of financial products. Our function is to provide a service that helps you the client achieve what you want out of life whether it is providing you with more time, helping you achieve lifetime ambitions or whatever. Sometimes this may involve the use of the FUEL (money) and sometimes not.

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